Your SaaS applications on the BusinessCloud Marketplace
The future oriented marketing channel for software manufacturers

Bring your application safely into the cloud


In the age of the cloud, users have, in the meantime, got used to being able to book software as a service – flexibly and based on the actual usage. But, how can software be efficiently marketed as a service offering? For this reason select an additional marketing channel for the BusinessCloud Marketplace from CANCOM – the one-stop-shop for business applications in the cloud. The publicly accessible market place is used by more and more companies for the central procurement of Software-, Platform- and Infrastructure-as-a-service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). We provide you with a comprehensive transaction platform that covers all the required processes. Including all processes needed, after a booking by a final customer, within the scope of the processing of an order.


Start with common marketing

If you are successful on our BusinessCloud Marketplace with your software offering, we also naturally benefit form this. For this reason we support you with marketing right from the start. Initially, we mutually define the exact approach in a Go-to-Market-Workshop. If necessary we are glad support you as a partner, with our many years of extensive experience, in the planning and implementation of successful marketing and sales strategies. We look forward to a successful, joint campaign with you!


We take care of the final customer support!

In day to day operation there are customers who have questions, for example concerning the individual functionalities. For these kinds of queries – also with respect to the availability or other operational aspects – we are available as the first contact point (First Level Support). If necessary, we naturally forward the event to you according to the interfaces that were jointly in advance. Bottom line, you will be noticeably relived in your day to day business.


Online-Marketplace with additional multiplicators

With our BusinessCloud Marketplace you can directly reach the enormous customer base of Germany’s third largest system-house supplier – CANCOM which is listed in the TecDAX. Besides the marketing via one of the most important IT marketplaces in the country, you will benefit for additional multiplicators: This especially includes CANCOM’s several hundred marketing experts and the large partner network, where all the worldwide leading IT suppliers can be found. This includes, for example, Microsoft, Google, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise or NetApp. It is best to get in touch with us directly!